Our Staff

Josh Donohue

Josh Donohue is analyst and founder of The Frugal Forager. He founded this company 10 years ago.

He started it from nothing and developed into a popular analytic place. Investors from across the states and abroad ask him and his colleagues for their expertise.

Donohue is from California originally. He says he always had big dreams and great plans. He formed a plan for all his life when he was a young boy.

Josh Donohue is a graduate of Harvard business school and MIT. He went to MIT to study technical science. After he received his diploma he realized that he wants more. He successfully passed all exams to the University of Harvard and finished it with MA in finances.

Donohue believes that we need to focus on our future. He barely talks about his past.

Meanwhile, before he started the company, he worked as an independent researcher at the market for quite a long time. He considered himself as a successful entrepreneur as well. He made investments in growing companies and earned a capital.

He made portfolios for his friends, who took part in market?s life as well. Some friends recommended him to others. That is how his fame of portfolios maker spread across the states.

After his reports with market analysis began to be published in popular magazines, more and more people began to ask him for help and his reviews.

Donohue still makes market analysis himself and send free newsletters to the readers on the website. He does not mind to share this information with everyone.

Ingrid Hudson

Ingrid Hudson works as analyst and investments researcher in Kia Company. She joined the team a year ago. Before that, she worked as a freelance writer of analytic papers for several economic outlets.

She is from Wyoming. Ingrid lives in Milwaukee almost all her life. After her graduation from Cornell University in New York, where she received a degree in economics, she came back to her native state.

Hudson worked in local newspapers as a journalist and financial analyst. Her articles were very popular, and she was offered to work for bigger national and international magazines several times. Hudson did not want to move somewhere else until she heard of The Frugal Forager.

She says she read a biography of Josh Donohue, the founder and head of the company, and was inspired by him.

Ingrid Hudson was very good at the portfolio management since her first years at the University. She knew how to work with it, how to create working portfolios, and what resources to check for it.

Many of her former clients, with whom she worked privately, in her free time, followed her in the new company. She still works with her friends from Wyoming through the online website.

She leads her own column in this website, where she makes market?s analysis and gives advice to investors. She answers all questions of her readers if they are relative to the topic and recommend sources which helped her in analysis. She offers to teach her clients how to make a quick analysis of companies themselves.

Dennis Golden

Dennis Golden works as analyst and research writer for KIA Company. He is well-known for his portfolios.

Golden was born and raised in Michigan. He is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, where he studied economics.

He is certified analyst by international standard. He speaks 5 languages and is learning 6th. He says he always wanted to learn Hindu and now the time has come.

Dennis works with international companies and checks inside information from international markets. His ability to speak their languages helps him to research these markets closely and later retell his clients everything he found out.

He writes newsletters about foreign market activity and shares it with all the readers of the website for free.

Dennis usually asks his clients whether they are ready to go international with their investments. If he receives positive answers, he helps them to communicate with foreign companies and check the markets.

Golden is currently an active investor himself. He invested his first capital into Chinese small tech company. After several years it became very famous and brought him a fortune. Now he still invests in China, Canada, Argentina, Spain, France, Germany, and Belgium. He says he is ready to consider more countries to communicate with if he will find their markets good enough for his demands.

He believes in big growth for small investments, and in long-term but growing equities. Golden says he does not mind to wait, and until then he will go and buy some more gold for him.

Ida Taylor

Ida Taylor is a financial analyst and researcher at the company. She works here for 10 years, which means since the company was found.

She believes she is very lucky to work with the team of professionals in KIA. Taylor likes to point out that they are not the only team of co-workers, but real friends, who can help you always, and teach you some new tricks if it is your wish.

Taylor is from Massachusetts. She is a graduate of MIT and has diploma in finances.

Taylor likes to learn everything she can about the market. It was her idea to make one-hour short briefing in the company, with the reports on new technologies, discussion of the current situation at the market, and expression of personal opinions.

This briefing not only became a good tradition, as it proved to be very helpful for the work but also was turned into 2 hours Monday team meeting. Everyone says it helps them to prepare for the whole week of work.

Before she joined the team, Taylor worked as a private analyst. She also helped officials from different banks with their managing system.

Taylor writes every day newsletters about the state of the financial market for her readers. She says she is very fond of currency exchange changes and is ready to make her advice to investors who are willing to take risks and go bold at the market. She warns that she will share mainly her personal opinion and can?t give any guarantees.

Julie McElroy

Julie McElroy specializes in research analysis of the market. She works at the company for the last 6 years. She is interested in value, growth, long and short-term equities, and special situations.

McElroy moved to New York from Nebraska. She is a graduate of New York University.

She writes analytic articles on different areas of the market. She asks her clients to tell her which of her articles they liked the most, and which market?s field they are most interested. She makes official statistics of investors? interests at the market and how they are changing during the time.

McElroy says she always was very curious about everything in life. She chose the market because of its quick changes. She can always find something new on the market. And she can continue her searching.

McElroy believes that her main problem is her disability to stop. If she likes the subject she will hardly stop on one analysis. She will continue to dig until there will be no information to search.

She likes to work in this company, because her team supports her in this her small weirdness, as she calls it. They give her enough time to any project she chose to do, and can help her with other work, if they know this project is worthy of it.

McElroy does not mind to stay after work at her office until she will be completely satisfied with the results of analysis.