The Inspiring Stories Of Successful Young Entrepreneurs In Romania

Most young people in Romania like engaging in entrepreneurship and many believe that it is the next big thing in the future. Romanians rank highly among the top Europeans with a better attitude towards entrepreneurship.

Most of the Romanians warming up to entrepreneurship are those below 30 years, and the motivation is the prospect of having extra income as well as being independent employers.

Here are some of the top successful young entrepreneurs in Romania.

Cristi Badea

Cristi started as an entrepreneur, and he focuses on online games as well as the development of interactive games for social media sites such as Facebook. He founded some tech enterprises such as MavenHut a business that deals with the development of games that are played by over 50 million players.

He built all this from the ground with minimal finances till it becomes one of the best gaming developers whose games are hosted by Facebook. He left Mavenhut and ventured into other businesses in fashion, food and real estate. He also offers mentorship for young entrepreneurs in Romania.

Lucian Cramba

Lucian created a saving application that attracted more than 30,000 users in five months. He employed fin-tech principles to develop the app that allows people to save when shopping by having various partnerships with most Romanian retailers.

His BeeZ platform outperformed platforms such as google play store and Amazon regarding popularity in Romania within a few weeks of its launch.

RazvanCrisan, David Maguet, CiprianMorar, M60

They started a coffee shop that had a different impression to most of the coffee shops in Bucharest at the time. Through their unique ingredients and coffee quality, they manage to build a big business in the hospitality industry.

Under the M6 brand, they succeeded in opening two coffee outlets as well as a pizzeria and summer garden. They equally managed to start a Romanian cuisine restaurant that is one of its own in Bucharest.


He founded VisionBot which is a company that produces affordable prototypes for different inventors. He made the 30 under 30 Forbes list at the age of 16.

His company has the potential of building low-cost self-drive cars because of the affordable prototypes.

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