Do You Need A Protection Policy For Your Smartphone? Here Is What You Need To Know

Smartphones are expensive investments owing to fragility and how easy they can get lost. Protecting your phone is, therefore, a necessary, valuable additional expense. You need protection from accidental damage, theft, broken screen and mechanical breakdown among others.

Various carriers provide smartphones protection, and it comes as a monthly add-on or it later when there is a need. Coverage for instance for the screen usually depends on the price of the phone, and it increases as the cost increases.

Considerations before choosing a plan

When thinking of a smartphone protection plan you should first consider the likelihood of damaging your phone or losing it. Similarly, think about whether the phone is affordable if it gets damaged or destroyed.

Equally, you should consider your smartphone model, and if you own the latest flagship phones of Samsung or Apple, then having a return policy makes sense because of their cost.  If you are on a monthly payment contract for your phone and it is an expensive one it will be better to ensure it is replacing it costs much.

However, if your phone is a low-end smartphone then thinking of having a plan for it won’t make any sense.

Where to get protection plans

There are their types of return policy plans; manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple offer warrant and protection plans through mobile carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and plans by companies such as Square Trade.

Apple warrant covers defects and technical problems, and it is limited for one year. Samsung offers a two-year warranty that covers repair of defective and faulty phones as well as replacements.

Similarly, wireless carriers offer plans that are administered by Asurion and Assurant. For wireless phone protection, the plans start as low as $3 for Verizon, and it increases depending on the cost and model of phone. There are third party plans offered by Square Trade, Geek Squad and Best Buy.

If your phone has a warranty, you may not need a protection policy plan, but you can have if you foresee other problems. Other protection options include home insurance, package bank accounts, and self-insurance.

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