Beyond A Million: The Book Which Focuses Exclusively On Entrepreneurs Pursuing Wealth

Everyone wakes up early in the morning in search of wealth. True? Being wealthy gives us a societal status, which provides us with a reason to work even harder.

It is very common to see some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs reading business related books. Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest people in the global reportedly reads 50 books a year. His counterpart, billionaire David Rubenstein reads six books a week and eight newspapers a day.

There are a billion books to read on successful entrepreneurship. However, there is one which is a must read for any entrepreneur who is pursuing wealth. The book, Beyond a Million, written by Jim Dew, the founder of Dew Wealth Management is all about expanding wealth Freedom and Time.

 A majority of entrepreneurs find themselves losing so much money in the course building their business empires. Dew’s book highlights some of these mistakes, which entrepreneurs make: –

•  Lack of legal documents to protect the business

Business growth is what drives every entrepreneur. Surprisingly not many of these entrepreneurs have any legal document such as trusts, buy-sell arrangements or powers of attorney. Legal documents help in directing the business in case the entrepreneur is sick, or a business partner dies.

•  Too much investment on startups

Every entrepreneur looks forward to becoming wealthy. However, most of them risk all their investment by putting it into a startup and with a high expectation of good returns. Nonetheless, it advisable to have an external investment which is not part of the entrepreneurship.

•  Downplaying chances of a lawsuit

Being an entrepreneur is a risk, which can bring good income. However, the risk must be covered by the right liability such as general liability insurance. Many of those who do not have a brick and mortar retail location may downplay the need for this but wait until a lawsuit faces you.

•  Paying so much in the form of tax

It is mandatory that every entrepreneur pays taxes. Sadly, many of these entrepreneurs lose money in a flashy way in the form of taxes.

•  Not having a family office structure

It will bring together an accountant, banker, an estate attorney, and a communication coordinator. All these will help in building the family’s values and goals.

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