You will go bald if you don‘t eat this!

Every day we lose around 50-100 strands of hair. Thankfully, it is a part of the normal life cycle of your mane. But when this natural cycle gets disrupted, it could lead to excessive hair fall. This may result in receding hairline, bald patches and even complete baldness.

From expensive shampoos, serums and hair masks, we try everything under the sun to take care of our crowning glory, conveniently forgetting the most important aspect of it. Hair fall and loss of hair actually boils down to what you eat or rather what you don’t eat.

While meat is rich in iron, a vegetarian diet may not be enough to battle extreme hair loss. In this case, if you follow a vegan or a vegetarian diet, you could be depriving your body of the essential nutrients it needs to keep your mane healthy. While there are a lot of factors that cause hair loss, deficiency of iron is an important factor, that needs to be kept in mind.

Apart from genetic issues and skin disorders, deficiency of iron –which is responsible for hair growth–can also cause hair loss.

According to a review of 40 years of research, is actually a much bigger culprit for your hair loss than you realise.

“We believe that treatment for hair loss is enhanced when iron deficiency, with or without anaemia, is treated,” study authors Leonid Benjamin Trost, MD; Wilma Fowler Bergfeld, MD; and Ellen Calogeras, RD, MPH, wrote in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

How much iron do you need?

According to an agency of the U.S. Department of Health, National Institutes of Health, women require at least 18 mg of iron per day while the recommended intake for men is 8 mg.

The best sources of iron

You can get iron in a variety of foods, but only meat, poultry and seafood contain both heme and non-heme iron, while the vegetarian source of iron only contains non-heme iron. Some of the plant-based sources of iron include soybeans, tofu, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds.

If you are a vegetarian, your body absorbs iron better when you pair it with citrus fruits. But if you are planning on getting iron supplements, we strictly advise that you consult your doctor beforehand, as an accidental overdose of iron could be extremely harmful to your health.
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